Crime Times

The cyclical public (read media) hysteria over WA’s crime rates is staggering in its almost total dishonesty this time around.

Yes, the crime rate is higher than it was at some other milestone in time. But why is everybody (read Media again) so intent on blaming the Police Commissioner and his troops for rising crime rates.

Amongst all the misleading mud being thrown are the words ‘response times’.  Read that again    ‘response times’.  The key word is is ‘response’.  Yep. That’s what police do. They ‘respond’.  They rarely, if ever, respond to a crime that has NOT been committed.  So..that means the crimes are happening anyway, and police ARE responding to them.

Guess what? Crime is only one of SEVEN different responsibilities police have. Can any of the armchair experts name the others. Here’s a hint. Traffic is one. (Not road safety). Cops rural

The big question NOT being asked by the media is quite simple, “What are all the other State and Federal Government agencies doing in the fight against crime?”  Try and ask the question and see how far you get. Education has a major role, as does Health and the Judiciary, just to name a few. When are they stepping up to the plate?

Come to think of it. If all these other agencies did their jobs there would be less crime for police to respond to.

Police cannot do this on their own. It needs a whole-of-government approach at the very least.  Don’t forget that statistic that usually raises its ugly head with every media cycle of the crime hysteria…its something along the lines of 80 or 90% of all crime in WA is committed by the same 5% of the population.

Media Mayhem In Western Australia

#‎6PRBreakfast‬ and ‪#‎6PRNews‬ was good listening early yesterday today…with the 5AM news making my day by reporting “a motorcyclist has been charged with allegedly killing a woman….” thankfully the story was re-written for later bulletins…you see, the charge IS the allegation. So why say it twice?

That poorly written and apparently unsubbed news bulletin was preceded by the obviously tired night announcer talking about someone who could “foresee into the future.” and spacecraft that can now “return back again”…it didn’t get any better when the bright and chirpy brekkie crew took over the mikes.

First cab off the rank was a discussion about the Georgie Girl musical at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne. Apparently the Mag is a “Theatrical Theatre”…and it doesn’t have an Orchestra Pit…it has Orchestra Stalls. Actually it has both…and to top it off, Judith Cock’s (AKA Durham) husband died from “Motor Neurons Disease”. Nope…it was Motor NEURONE Disease.

I switched to an alternative…TV…  knowing in advance it was nothing more than chewing gum for the eyes, and decided to watch a bit of ‪#‎Channel9‬‘s ‪#‎TodayShow‬ instead. But I switched off when I saw an early promo for a tribute to the late Eagles stalwart Glen Frey….oops… the promo carried several images of every other member of the Eagles…except Glen Frey.

For future reference guys…look at the picture below…that’s him…and it was only Wednesday!   Watch this space!